Lacrime di Giulietta

January 26, 2011 in Music, Video by Smile Lab

With the composer Matteo Negrin, we decided to make a video for his song ‘Lacrime di Giulietta’, experimenting a new tecnique that we called ‘Music painting’, a sort of music animation, painting notes on a score, telling a story.

We wanted to tell a story giving a civic and environmental message, in a soft and kind way.

Video on YouTube (more than 600.000 views)

The video took only one take (15 hours long), painting on a 12 metres paper sheet (obtained joining togheter on the back 30 A3 sheets). Then, with a long editing work, the 15 hours bacame the 3:30 minutes of the video, synchronizing each painted note with the played one.

created by Lab
Alice Ninni
Alberto Filippini
Luca Cattaneo

© and property of Matteo Negrin and Lab

visit Matteo Negrin’s site at:​matteonegrin

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